Indiana Jewish History Volume 43


Indiana Jewish History is the annual journal of the Indiana Jewish Historical Society. Published annually, it includes original historical accounts and research on a broad range of topics.


In this issue:

  •  Personal accounts of: Ida Oakley, Alex Balaban, Isabella Brodsky, The Grimberg
  • Family, Raisa Grishin, Boris Gorlin, Dora Itkin, The Kantin Family, Katya Klauz, Vladimir Ostrovsky, Inna Pecar, The Perel Family, Mark Rozenberg, Nathan Voldman, Julia Weisburd, Lori Moss, and Mike Blain.
  •  “At Soviety Jewry Rally: A New Home, A New Life.” Belkin & Luban Families of South Bend, IN (courtesy of ​Operation Exodus Rally Cry​, Fall 1990).
  • “All this Generosity- Immigrants Amazed at Kindness in U.S.” Gregori Pogost and Family of Indianapolis (courtesy of the ​Indianapolis Star​, Bonnie Britton, 1967).
  •  “A Family from Russia with Love.” Boris Rudkevich and Family (courtesy of Evansville Courier and Press​, Bill Greer, November 25, 1979).
  • “Surge of New Russian Families; Call is Issued for Volunteers.” (courtesy of Jewish Post and Opinion,​ 1979).
  • “Jews and Our City: From the Mouths of Pioneers.” (courtesy of the ​Indianapolis Star,​ Isabel Boyer, January 8, 1983).
  • “…From Russian with Love” (courtesy of L.S. Ayres & Co., 1974).