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Indiana Jewish History Podcast

Educational programs, new collections, new discoveries, updates and information on our latest publications

Indiana Jewish History Podcast

Celebrating Hoosiers who have created a significant and lasting impact the Indiana Jewish Community

Indiana Jewish History Podcast

Our serialized podcast on Indiana Jewish History

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“Indiana Jewry has a story to tell. The IJHS is beginning to tell it.”

Dr. & Rabbi Jacob Rader Marcus of the American Jewish Archives wrote those words shortly after the founding of the IJHS in 1972.

Founded in Fort Wayne to collect, preserve, publish, and share the Jewish experience in Indiana, the Indiana Jewish Historical Society is now headquartered in Indianapolis. Our archival holdings, which represent Indiana’s entire state, are housed in state-of-the-art facilities at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis. This collection contains thousands of Jewish life items across the state, and society continues to seek materials for the collection. The IJHS also encourages the preservation and promotes Jewish historic buildings, monuments, markers, and cemeteries.

The Indiana Jewish Historical Society is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit educational organization. The society hosts an annual program and the Hoosier Jewish Legends Awards. The IJHS also publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Historical News, and the journal Indiana Jewish History.  As of 2021 the IJHS produces the IN-Jewish History Podcast. 

Information about recent or future programing or IJHS updates can be found at the IJHS Blog.

Our services are made possible by generous contributions from our many donors and supporters, and with the generous support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis.