About Us

A Meeting of our Board of Directors

The Indiana Jewish Historical Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization with a mission to collect, preserve, publish, and share the Jewish experience in Indiana.

The Indiana Jewish Historical Society continues to collect and preserve historical Jewish records, documents, photographs, and other historically essential material connected to Indiana’s Jewish past and to educate the public and the Jewish community on our Jewish past with over 200 years in the Hoosier state. We do this with Scan-A-thons, speakers events, our IN-Jewish History Podcast, and our yearly Publication.

Our Board

The Board of Directors consists of members from around the state, serving two consecutive three-year terms (representing their communities). IJHS members vote to elect each Board member. The Board of Directors annually appoints our Executive Board, which consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Executive positions are limited to two 2-year consecutive terms. The IJHS employs an executive director.

President Kevin Krulewitch, Indianapolis
Vice President, Membership Don Simkin, Richmond
Vice President, History Kevin Corn, Indianapolis
Treasurer Lori Katz, Indianapolis
Secretary Elaine Zukerman, Indianapolis
Board of Directors
  • Larry Adelman, Fort Wayne
  • Alan Gilbert, Fort Wayne
  • Trent Pendley, Furnessville
  • Sheila Greenwald, Indianapolis
  • Isabel Silverman, Indianapolis
  • Alex Feldman, Schererville
  • Tory Schendel-Vyvoda, Evansville
  • Steven Bulloff, Indianapolis
  • Irv Adler, Fort Wayne
  • Melanie Hughes, New Albany

  • Executive Director
Current Michael Brown, South Bend
2018-2020 Dr. Wendy Soltz, Fort Wayne
1995-2017 Eileen Baitcher, Fort Wayne
1972-1995 Joseph Levine*, Fort Wayne
  • Past Presidents
1972-1975 Max Einstandig*
1976-1978 Mary Fink*
1980-1982 Charles B Fine*
1982-1985 Martin Schwartz*
1985-1986 David Kleiman
1986-1989 David Fogle*
1989-1992 Earl Brenn*
1992-1993 Wynn Robin*
1993-1995 Arthur Meyers
1995-1997 Richard Friedman
1997-1999 Paul Bloomberg
1999-2003 Judy Koor
2003-2009 Trent Pendley
2009-2012 Alan Gilbert
2012-2017 Sheila Greenwald


Kevin Krulewitch

Melanie Hughes

  • *z”l of blessed memory