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A Noble Dream: Indiana, Lincoln, and Jewish Americans

A virtual lunch and learn event from the Indiana Jewish Historical Society and Indiana Historical Society. Historian and Brandeis University Professor Jonathan D. Sarna will speak on his book “Lincoln and the Jews: A History.” Dr. Sarna will illustrate how Lincoln admired, consulted with, appointed to office, and defended Jewish Americans during his presidency. Historian William Bartelt, author of “There I Grew Up: Remembering Abraham Lincoln’s Youth (IHS Press)” will offer introductory comments on how Lincoln’s Indiana boyhood shaped his presidency.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 12 PM EDT

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IJHS Hires New Executive Director


Dear Friends/Family and Supporters

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Indiana Jewish Historical Society, we are pleased to announce the hiring of our new executive director, Mr. Michael J Brown.  Michael brings to the Society a great interest and knowledge of Indiana Jewish History and involvement in his community.


Michael, who most recently has worked for Israeli start-ups, brings his love of Jewish heritage and culture to the job. He is a member of Sinai Synagogue in South Bend.  He is the former Executive Director at The Hillel of Southern Illinois University.

Michael comes to the position with significant background in Jewish history, programming innovation, and volunteer work. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University Bloomington in 2007 and has a Certificate from the Borns Jewish Studies Program. Michael is a veteran of the US Army Reserves and National Guard, where he served in the Medical Corps. Michael has previously worked in business development and marketing.

Michael is succeeding Dr. Wendy Soltz as executive director of IJHS.  We appreciate the many contributions that Wendy made on behalf of the organization during her tenure.

Please join me in offering Michael a hearty Mazel Tov on his new position and feel free to reach out to him at


Kevin Krulewitch

Board President, Indiana Jewish Historical Society