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Our collections are housed by the Indiana Historical Society
. IHS has more than 60 manuscript collections primarily relating to the history of Jews in Indiana. Each processed collection has a finding guide for researchers to use which contains useful information such as the date range and size of each collection, a brief historical background, and scope and content statements.

For more complete historical/bibliographic background information and details about the contents of each collection, refer to the individual collection guides. Find full collection guides by searching for the collection number in the Library Catalog.

Indiana Jewish Newspapers

  • Jewish Post and Opinion, 1933-2005
  • Jewish Post and Opinion, 2006-Jul. 2009 (Forthcoming)
  • Jewish Post and OpinionAug. 2009-2014

Gabriel Murrel Cohen was the founder, editor, and publisher of the Jewish Post & Opinion (1933-present). This unique publication provides historical insight into such events as WWII from an Indiana Jewish perspective. Another example of news unlikely to be covered anywhere else is the founding of the American Jewish Press Association by Cohen in Indianapolis in 1944.